05 February 2010

It's a sun stuff

Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun god. He became a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the mid-day sun.
The meaning of the name is uncertain, but it is thought if not a word for 'sun' it may be a variant of or linked to 'creative'.
Ra's position in the pantheon is unusual. He is the only god, apart from Osiris, who is definitely said to be not on the earth.
He was considered self created and the creator of all.
Patron of: the sun, heaven, kingship, power, light.

Spuneam odata ca toate lucrurile bune incep cu SU- SUN, Suz, Suzuki, Sunaina...
Acum spun ca toate lucrurile bune trebuie sa aiba legatura cu RA - Raluca (si din alea sunt 2) , Mara, Nora, Raul...

Acum sunt sigura ca am soare de jur imprejur.

source: Wikipedia.
photo: Asspirin Tattoo


bubu said...

te-am gasit pe blog:) stii acolo la liquid funk. ascult si eu:)

bubu said...

daaa? facebook? sau ceva de genu?