19 January 2010

Piesa saptamanii

A place of doubt that is where we are,
I cry and I shout in my dreams and all the frustration in this world cannot make me bleed. 
I dry the tears in my eyes and then I drink myself to sleep,
for all the people that I've lost and the promises I failed to keep.
I know that all your time is gone,
let me sing your favourite songs and you can have all my time to waste;
all I want is to see your pretty face... 
I wish that In could be a stronger man so I could rearrange all your mighty plans,
but what is true and what is false I play your game to my own loss
It's been raining now for days and I couldn't solve your mysterious ways
I hope the whiskey and the rain can wash our sins and take away the pain... 
In times like these I'll pick you up from the ground 
when you fall, when you're feeling weak, 
so keep your cold heart outside your door cause in here the sun is for free...

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