09 April 2009

come fill my senses up with you

Purple again!!!

Am soare de jur imprejur, la propriu si la figurat...incet incet ma imprimavaresc si eu, renasc odata cu natura...si tot ma mir cum de am avut norocul sa dau de omuletul recent aparut in viata mea...Il Ador!!!

"we made a connection, a full on chemical reaction
brought by dark divine intervention
yeah, you are a shining light
a constellation once seen, over royal david¹s city
an epiphany you burn so pretty
yeah, you are a shining light

these are the days you often say
there¹s nothing that we cannot do
beneath a canopy of stars
i¹d shed blood for you
the north star in the firmament
you shine the most bright
i¹ve seen you draped in a electric veil
shrouded in celestial light"

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