02 August 2008

Smile with art

Viva mi vida! nu as da nicio clipa din mai incoace pentru ce a fost in trecut. e totul atat de frumos si de agitat..nebuneales. oamenii de langa mine sunt superbi si foarte creizi, exact cum ii trebuie sufletelului meu.nu cred ca am nimic de reprosat. mi-e dor de o singura chestie,dar se rezolva cumva. TOTUL SE INTAMPLA CU UN MOTIV! i trust this!

Now please visit one of my friends page... Cicioc is an airbrush artist,well-known in my city,in my country and in exterior. Lots of his works are not yet posted in the gallery but he's working on that. i respect him very much, as long as he is a pleasant person and a hard-working guy too. I admire his work, his passion an the fact that he earns money doing exactly what he loves. ART AIRBRUSH

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