18 August 2008

It took me 4 years

Play hard to get and you'll have them all.

Dang baby, now i know the secret. You trust yourself, you start to see the good things in your person, you smile and think positive, you don't fight with your destiny and everybody is at your feet. I see it , i feel it. It took me more than 4 years to find out that feelings do last when they are real. Now i know that i've lost 2 years believing in something that existed only in our heads,not in our souls. Now i know that "it goes deeper underground" and there's nothing that can change it.

I love it when i wake up smiling, i love it when i look in the mirror and i see a retard child laughing. I never thought i like romantic shits, i never imagined that a touch could make you shiver like that. it wasn't supposed to be like this but it feels damn good. My only hope is not no forget that really having a person by your side,to hug and to care for you, is the most special thing in the world; it's better than sex, than icecream,than chocolate, than sea fruits, than cigarettes, than good books, than ...off-roading :)

I finally consider myself lucky and i am proud of whom i chose to be my first-love. Now life can go on,i am stronger and i don't regret a shit.Though I can't ignore the SUZuki thingies in my life,they are a special part of it. They fill my little world.

"Am facut un pact de coexistenta cu timpul: nici el nu ma urmareste, nici eu nu fug de el. intr-o zi ne vom intalni."

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minnieme said...

well, I don't know about icecream there...:)