01 July 2008


I am glad i don't belong to you anymore. You opened my eyes last night and now i see that my life really got better since you're not around. i'll always care about you, those 17 years mean something afterall. But now i'm sure i made the right choices and i think i'm proud. My world is heading the right way and i can't wait to be October, to go to the University.

I decided to have some posts in english...because i have foreign friends/persons who read my blog and they would like to understand what i write. Also,it's a good way to practice my english...in the end i learnt this language at a high level in order to use it. Thank you, Christian, for what you said about me, about my blog. I never expected that.

In other order of thoughts, i have to take a hard choice...Should i start learning for my driving licence or should i buy the photo camera i always wanted?I don't have the money for both....

Crazy mind today, a bit of soulstorm and a soup of songs in my playlist.

Now check this out!!


pandacub said...

zomg... weird stuff happening with these pandas :)) No wonder they are an endangered species :P

lovingvama said...

Băi, ce frumuşică eşti! :)

Dar nu te-am mai văzut de mult... pe unde ai dispărut? Şi unde vrei să dai la facultate?