02 November 2007

2 in 1

Acelasi oras, aceleasi ganduri indoielnice,aceleasi probleme, aceiasi oameni, aceleasi strazi stricate si trotuare proaspat refacute, aceleasi babe care stau la sezatoare, aceiasi vecini care se inunda intre ei,aceleasi aspiratii, aceeasi speranta,acelasi rezervor defect de toaleta, acelasi aparat foto care se distruge treptat, acelasi pat alb ascuns sub perne, aceeasi muzica de relaxare, aceiasi nervi, aceleasi certuri, aceleasi deziluzii....un viitor alt om, o alta persoana neinsemnata, o natura in schimbare, o muzica tot mai tare.


cherry said...

Foarte faine culorile.

lovingvama said...

fain scris ;)

GrooveRider said...

Hi, Adina :) I must confess that I did`nt catch any word, that is not in English. Obviously, although my attending to know much more for your saying ( as i tried to translate some parts of your posts or to find any revelation that is not in romanien ) you ( with your texts, music sight, idea 4 yourself as you manifested and especially pictures u made ) affects on my desire to know something more ( my failure is like a reason to put this kind of thoughts :)) ). You might find this 4 insane, but I believe that what unconsciously and instantly attracts my interests is has to be defining of my greatest desire of doing whatever. I believe that everything happens 4 reason and the fact that your charisma affects to me this way, makes me believe that it would be very nice if you share some things. Like first, do you have some revelations/blog posts or comments, not in romanien, but may be in english or german and secondly: if you have desire to discuss almost whatever you like to with totally strange person, would you dare to ( as much as my tremendously bad english can be effort for something alike ). I`ll be much pleased if you reply with comment in my blog with some information 4 contact: q, skype, mail ( and i`ll be surprised if you do so, saying such thing without any agenda ) or just deleting my very comment, making me aware for your disinterest! :)