13 August 2007

vise cu masini

Citand din Vlad Nanca:

"Inspired by the situation in Bucharest with an ever growing number of cars, but also by the shape of Dacia 1300, the Romanian national car, Nancă has recently been drawing a childlike car contours all over the city of Bucharest. Nancă has used the graffiti technique (which some might find violent and destructive) as an attempt to raise attention to the unhealthy situation of the great number of automobiles as well as criticizing the growing consumerist attitude in his home town. His street car drawings are now developed into a more complex installation – the 12 car sculptures immitate the everday scenario in Bucharest with blocked pavements making pedestrian traffic difficult. Though “Dream of Bucharest” is not the story of a nightmare but an artist’s gaze at the state of afairs.The drawings, photographs and the videos waiting to be discovered on the back of the cars are all inspired by the condition in Bucharest but also in other cities and situations."

Ce e "Dream of Bucharest"? Expozitia sa care a avut loc in ianuarie anul acesta - shame to me ca nu am stiut mai devreme,era tentant sa o vizitez- si pe care o puteti vedea reprezentata in imagini pe blogul autorului, Vlad Nanca Da,am postat si un interviu cu acesta unde apar in discutie "masinile" amplasate de el prin Bucuresti. Go check it out!